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Up next, another member of the & Co. Milla Peerutin is a sassy young mevrou currently studying second year fine art at Michaelis in Cape Town. In her spare time, she takes commissions for artwork and created content for @sexteen. @sexteen is a space for young mevrouens to share their stories anonymously. It's a platform that shares the horrors that happen to women around South Africa, with contrasting and confronting illustrations. @sexteen aims to be a safe space that allows for the feeling of 'you are not alone', with many people relating to each experience in their own way.  Contact Milla here @millaeloisedigital if you would like to buy a piece from her or commission your own custom and very special work of...

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Where would we be without Bradley Watson? Probably crying our eyes out at a rent-a-bakkie buried in a pile of broken cardboard boxes. Bradley and his team at All Moves Transport Company are our secret weapon in our quest to overcome all our logistical problems. Bradley's sure got all the moves - He has never let us down and we thought we'd give him some shine... Read on to find out more about this lovely man. What's the strangest thing you've ever transported?A life-size crocodile statue made completely of old motor car parts. We normally do furniture removals but have branched out to be more versatile and accommodate our customers’ needs. How have you seen Mevrou & Co. grow over the years?From strength to...

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Aaniyah Omardien is the superpower behind The Beach Co-Op - an NGO which organizes beach clean-ups around the Cape peninsula. In 2015, a group of volunteers got together under a new moon to collect marine debris at their local surf break! Four years later, Aaniyah and her team have removed a huge amount of single-use plastic from our beaches, encouraged manufacturers to design with recycling in mind and continue to strive to empower coastal communities as guardians of our oceans. Doesn’t this just warm the cockles of your heart? We hope you are as inspired by this awesome lady as we are! What is your driving force? What makes you so fun and bubbly all the time? Spill your secrets! I...

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