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You do many different things at once – paint, make music, clothing and you're also
a mother. 
How many jobs can you hold down at one time!? Do you do more stuff
that we don’t know about? 
And, if more than one, how do you manage to do so!?

I am an art teacher, a Sunday school teacher, a designer, an illustrator, a painter, a musician, a booking agent, and a mom. So about eight jobs in total! Somehow, there is a balance. I never have enough time
in a day and never have enough energy to be honest.

But as things go, I learn how to juggle it and think of ways I can improve. I enjoy teaching so much, so I think eventually things will fall there more as I get older. I can't perform on a stage forever, right?

You’ve posted a bit about your late mom – what qualities of hers inspire you in
terms of parenting your own child?

My mother was a true example of someone who didn't feel sorry for herself; and when I think about
it now, she should have been angry. But she wasn't. She was a brilliant listener and guide for me.
Always a sounding board.

She taught me how to be this for Frankie, it is hard to explain, but i know she is
with me through my motherhood.

What do you wish for your daughter?

That she grows up to be self-aware and aware of others around her. That she works hard for what she
wants and stands up for what she believes in.

Who, or what, is your creative muse?

There are MANY things, people, things that inspire me, so this is a hard one... but if I had to put it into
five things: Cape Town, Family, Home, Loss & Magic Stuff.

What would you put on a tee?

 Definitely a Sad Girl Face. 
 Or even just the words "Sad Girl" - I feel like she came out of a very adolescent place, just after I gave birth and when I was feeling particularly apathetic and playful. I would want to give her a place on a tee for sure!


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  • jannicke

    I just love you shirts… will definitely order some😁
    Dont know if I can give a few ideas for something on a shirt.

    Ma se kind
    sien jou by die boom

    Keep up the good work😊

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