Where would we be without Bradley Watson? Probably crying our eyes out at a rent-a-bakkie buried in
a pile of broken cardboard boxes. Bradley and his team at All Moves Transport Company are our secret weapon in our quest
 to overcome all our logistical problems. Bradley's sure got all the moves - He has
never let us down and we thought we'd give him some shine...

Read on to find out more about this lovely man.
What's the strangest thing you've ever transported?

A life-size crocodile statue made completely of old motor car parts. We normally do furniture removals
but have branched out to be more versatile and accommodate our customers’ needs.

How have you seen Mevrou & Co. grow over the years?

From strength to strength. Catherine concentrates on growing the business, the people involved
in the business as well as those surrounding her business interests.

How do you never lose your temper? Spill your secrets!!!

I try to look at what I am trying to achieve and if it will benefit myself and the customer in the long run.
I try to look at solutions and not look for problems. Keeping a calm state of mind as you will not be successful in life or work losing your temper all the time.

How did your father fit eight kids, a wife and himself in a deep buttoned ceiling caravan?
Or was it his man cave?

My father was an old-school classic soul. My parents were family-orientated and cared for us first.
We went everywhere together. It did not matter how we squeezed in the van all 8 of us 
but he always made a plan.

What do you never leave home without?

My cell-phone and my wallet (driver’s licence).

 What is the secret to getting on in a family of eight? How many children are you going to have?

There is no secret. You need to take it one day at a time. Family is everything so you learn 
to accommodate each other’s personalities. I will have 2 kids, I have a daughter that's
4 years old (very demanding) and a son that’s on the way. A pigeon pair in the making.

What do you think is an environmentally-friendly alternative to bubble-wrap?

SFK- Cardboard wrap which provides the same purpose in protecting furniture
and it is completely recyclable.

 What expression would you put on a tee?

My daughter’s favourite phrase “U Malletjie”.


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